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Hi, I'm Elise! pansexual, Taurus, ENFP. I love video games and various anime! I'm also a starting cosplayer!

Never be afraid to send a message and fangirl with me!

Currently playing: Black Ops 2 Zombies/ME3

Xbox: TimeyWimeyGamer

15 hours ago on 08/29/14

I was updating my bio on Xbox Live to add Alice: Madness Returns quotes to it and now I’m replaying A:MR. I need to be stopped

inFAMOUS First Light + Photo Mode (pt1/?)

Name three characters you think of when you think of me. 

16 hours ago on 08/29/14

I have such a strong urge to replay The Cat Lady.

That game is so amazing and I desperately wish more people would know about it

tagged as: #the cat lady

make me choose between 2 things. 

I can hear them calling to me from hell


Sera: *making my way downtown, walking fast*

Iron Bull:  MAYHEM!!!!

Sera: *walking faster*

Riot Shield

17 hours ago on 08/29/14
Anonymous asked: Yeah me too. I didn't like that jane hid A.J just to make Kenny snap. I wouldn't trust her completely after that. She isn't loyal. While Kenny was always loyal. He would never leave you in the dust.

I mean, I could see why she hid AJ to make Clem see how dangerous Kenny is, but I don’t agree with it. I truly think she didn’t mean for Kenny to die

tagged as: #kill la kill #anime